Agnieszka Mazur - Poland

“A house project”

This project has two meanings depending on its spatial orientation:

position A – War                 position B – Peace

A – unbent (straightened), closed, horizontal, flat plain

– one can see only the cuts in the steel plate

– it represents a house, which is a suitcase, luggage being everything when we don’t have any safe place to stay

B  – open for third dimension – light and shadow – construction

– standing house can stand only when doors are open, nobody threatens us – open doors is house’s base.

– standing house uncovers ground – life – crops

– three points make the composition: ground, human, sky

– the house is a vector – a drive to sky – dimension of freedom

The sculpture reflects a decision and its consequences.

To close the doors (then the house is at the same level as the ground) it’s our decision and it goes easy. On contrary, it’s harder to rebuild the construction.

Talking about war, but without taking a part in it, I don’t have the courage to talk about its putative positive sides.

I can only idealistically believe in openness and respect towards another person in order to make peace possible.