Ambrose Burne - UK

To make a sculptural tableau consisting of 6 elements made from identical starting stock. 5 of the elements will be manipulated using the 5 fundamental processes of forge work, each of these elements will still display the original starting stock. The sixth element will be a piece of the starting stock untouched.

The aims of this work is to emphasise the subject of ‘transition’ in a material sense; whilst using blacksmithing and its process as a metaphor for ourselves.

Process: each piece will be forged to show the starting stock and attempt to show the techniques in their most simple terms:

  • draw down & fire weld
  • punch & split
  • fuller & spread
  • upsetting
  • drawing down & bending

Size: 300mm x 300mm x 300mm

Weight: 4.29 kg, 6 x 715 grams