Corinne Jackowski

corinne-jackowskiCorinne has visited several international blacksmithing events in Ukraine, Great Britain, Belgium and France, where she witnessed the energy blacksmiths from all over the world can deploy in carrying out collaborative projects.

She lives a few miles away from the Canadian Vimy Memorial and from Notre-Dame-de-Lorette French Military Cemetery-the biggest in France- near Arras. In this area scars from the First World War are still visible in the neighbouring woods and in the many war graves of soldiers from different nationalities scattered all along what once was the Battles of Artois frontline. These constant reminders have become part of her everyday landscape but she cannot help noticing the emotional reactions of visitors who discover these sites for the first time.

This project will create a cenotaph for all those involved or affected by the conflict whatever sides they were, whatever nations they came from. It will be a fitting example of what individuals from different backgrounds can achieve together, united. This is why she would like to help spread the word about it and help French speaking people -and French blacksmiths in particular- get involved in this project.