Dan Moss - UK

“Machine Transgressio” use a series of rings, each ring smaller than the last. The smallest of these rings will be a solid forge ring that has some parts of it machined to demonstrate the contrast between old and new ideas. It will then have a 2mm copper wire woven around it using 12 brass pegs.

The copper wire woven in such a way mimics the windings in an electric motor. These windings remind me of the muscles used by men and horses in the first world war. The woven copper also represents the new muscle in the form of motors that replace the limbs of amputees. The other rings and the carrier use a range of technologies and technics, e. forging, machining and fabrication. The purpose of such a wide range of techniques is to help give the idea of passing of time.

Old school forging being used next to laser cut parts and machined components. All arranged in an intricate orary to show the diversities that technology can bring.