Erik Gjendem - Norway

“Kubbestol is the Norwegian Word for a Chair made by carving it out of a thick log. The Norwegian Word for Chair is similar to stål, which means steel. What has a more likely function to a log or wooden beam than a H-beam (profile)? But have to make a Chair out of the H-profile instead of a log? In one piece, without Welding parts together? You will need a blacksmith. To see the plastical possibilities. And is sturdy enough.

150 cm HEB from scrapyard was chosen. 300kg. But where to tind the material to move aaround, to form a Chair?

Wood and steel, different materials, other process. Needs other tools and form.

With the plastical characteristic in mind, I had to find the starting “”sculpture”” in the beam. Like the stonemason finds the sculpture in a stone.

The difference was that steel is plactiscal, so when the “”sculpture”” was found, by gascutting and drilling. I was halfway!

My apprentice, Odd Brubakken, did a steady job doing most of the gascutting. All honour to him. The Blacksmith can come, with heat. From coal and gas. Cooling with compressed air and starts bending, twisting and forging. Giving the right form.

All without a drawing, from an idea in my head. Difficult enough to run away from reality for a while. Ending up almost 200kg lighter.

The KUBBESTÅL was born. 102 kg steel. (please turn the photos correctly)”