Fritz Kühn (1910-1967) - Germany

Grenades chandelier, 1945

The foot of this 1945 developed the candlestick is a find: Part of a grenade from WW2. The outer shape of this terrible weapon was exaggerated aesthetically copper melting and grinding.

Former soldiers and people who had to live in war zones, see the transformation of this Fund piece. A candlestick carries the light that illuminates the darkness.

Font plate “steel speaks two languages”, 1958

Fritz Kühn, born in 1910, has witnessed as a toddler the 1st World War and as a young adult WW2. In this paper plate he gave his attitude to peace in a special way expression.

Font plate “steel speaks two languages”

forged steel, with copper beschmolzen


Original plate ø 120 mm x W 20 mm

Original plate 40 kg


Steel speaks two languages

One is cruel

and speaks of destruction,

the other speaks of the service,

will cheer us

and delight,

bring us to worship

and directing for good.