Manufacturing commences on the Poppy cenotaph

Early 2013 Mr Vandecasteele approached LVD Company enquiring where he could find a large, thick steel plate to make the Poppy monument.  LVD’s Managing Director Mr. Carl Dewulf was interested to contribute to this project, so a meeting was organized in Gullegem on 9th May 2013 with Messrs. Terrence Clark and Luc Vandecasteele.

During the visit Terrence Clark presented the project, at times with much emotion. Everyone was excited and plans for the future were made.

LVD brought the German steel plate supplier SIGMA on board, who have provided the thick steel plate. In early February 2015 the steel plate was profiled at SIGMA and transported to Belgium. The Poppy monument will now be carefully welded together at LVD and prepared for display during the event at the Grote Markt in Ypres.