Peter Smith - UK

From Here to Eternity

In considering the Ypres 2016 exhibition brief I began musing on the thousands of ways to die in a War. Being sat in a Tank struck me as a most terrifying position, as the Tank would be the enemies primary target, particularly the artillery boys. Thinking deeper, the explosive qualities of an artillery round going off inside a Tank were unimaginable and therefore impossible to interpretation. Or were they?

“Transition” was the brief, “From Here To Eternity” is the response.

Imagining the process of an artillery round piercing the steel plate and exploding within the tank, rewinding the process and freezing it just past the point of entry, just at the moment of explosion seemed to have some potential.

From Here To Eternity is designed to deliver that moment in time with a silent, blinding flash of light explosively magnified in the glass sphere, creating within the observer the heart beat missed, the unfinished sharp intake breath moment before the permanent “transition “from life to death. ”From Here to Eternity” in a nano second.