Remembrance Day Sunday Service at Swainswick, near Bath – 2015

Children’s poppies for the YPRES 2016 Event were placed on the Altar of the 700 year old church of St Mary the Virgin at Swainswick, Bath and Carol Smith (YPRES 2016 Children’s Forging Team) was given the opportunity to give a presentation about the event to the congregation. The presentation was well received and a lot of positive interest was shown. It is poignant that the first children to make poppies did so at the local Swainswick Explorers Activity Centre that promotes adventurous play and where a small forge has been set up in the grounds alongside a pottery and woodworking shop to promote a general interest in craft based activity.


Our thanks to the Rev Joyce Williams Vicar of St Mary the Virgin Church, Swainswick for inviting Carol to speak at the service and to Edward Leigh Wood, for taking the poppy photographs.

Of the six children’s poppies placed on the Altar, two are British, one is Anglo/Irish, one is Anglo/Scots, one is Anglo/Welsh and one is Anglo/German.


The one larger poppy is in the style of the 2016 poppies currently being forged by blacksmiths and which will be placed around the new Cenotaph in Belgium.