Ryszard Mazur - Poland

I don’t have an enemy and I don’t want to have on.

An idea of this sculpture depends on the regulations of the contest “Transition” regarding changes caused by World War I.

Undertaking this challenge I have known it will be a difficult task for me. I belong to a generation in my part of Europe, which neither physically nor psychically has experienced a war. Because of that expressing in art any thoughts and feelings about war would not be frank for me. I could only refer to historical relations, and I was not keen on to do this. And neither had I wanted to refer to any symbols.

I’m 64 years old and I’m happy that I haven’t experienced any war. Having my years I think that we all have done things, which we aren’t proud of.

Sometimes these things are small and meaningless to others and sometimes these things such as acts committed during war have tremendous consequences. These unwanted things we would like to pack, though we know it is not possible.

A silhouette of a person represents both a woman and men.