Sponsors and Partners



Geldof is a Belgian company dealing with very large and complex fabrication projects. The Chairman of Geldof, Mr Marc Meurisse was very sympathetic to the idea of both the event and the permanent cenotaph and confirmed that Geldof would support the project in any way that the company could.

LVD is a Belgian company offering a full range of integrated sheet metal-working products world-wide. LVD will be manufacturing the 7m  high poppy monument.

Sigma steel mill is an independent and privately owned company operating in the German and International steel market. They are a supplier to LVD  and after hearing about this project, they were immediately interested in cooperating by supplying the 12500 kg plate for the poppy monument.

Studiebureau Vangheluwe are a structural engineering and project management company providing the necessary calculations for the stability of the temporary and permanent bases for the main steel Poppy plate.


ZINQ Galva Power are a Belgian company providing hot dip galvanizing and duplex systems (coating on galvanized steel). They are the first choice for corrosion protection of steel with regard to reliability, cost, lifetime (mechanical and corrosive resistance) and sustainability. ZINQ®, the leading system for protection of steel against corrosion, offers complete and integrated solutions for the most challenging applications.

ZINQ Galv Power will be galvanising the forged poppies and the railing panels.


Verfaillie-Leroy is a Belgian company from Ypres. Their activities consist of:
surface treatments: sandblasting, metallizing, chemical pre-treatments and powder coating.
Mobile suctioning installation
Installing + connecting utilities
Road construction works

Verfaillie-Leroy will pre-treat and paint the poppies and the panels.



Maeyaert is a Belgian company specialized in large and small constructions and structures, always tailored to the customer’s requirements. Professional execution in stainless steel, steel and aluminium, whether or not including installation.

Maeyaert will supply the steel profiles for the 2016 poppies.



ANGELE is a producer and supplier in Southern Germany for the whole range of tools and equipment for blacksmiths.

ANGELE will supply power hammers and tools for the forging event in September 2016 in Ypres.



The Desutter Group gathers three companies with a complete offer in the fields of horizontal and vertical transport. The solid group structure has been formed over the years by means of a number of strategic take-overs. Before the integration, each of the entities had an enormous experience and know-how in its respective specialties. This technical expertise has played an important role in the further expansion and professionalization of the service package we offer.

Many customers highly appreciate the synergy and the added value of the complete offer and deservedly consider a cooperation with the Desutter Group as a durable partnership.

Kranen Desutter nv
Blokkestraat 12
B- 8530 Harelbeke
VCA** gecertificieerd
t: +32 (0)56 720 720
f: +32 (0)56 728 728


Roularta Media Group (RMG) is a multimedia group with more than 2,000 employees and a consolidated turnover of 500 million euros. The company was incorporated in 1954 by solicitor Willy De Nolf and is now led by his son Rik De Nolf and his management team. RMG is continuing to build its multimedia future. Home and abroad.


Roularta’s very first publication, better known as the Krant van West-Vlaanderen (De Weekbode, De Zeewacht, the Kortrijks Handelsblad, the Brugsch Handelsblad en Het Wekelijks Nieuws). With its 11 local city editions, this weekly newspaper has a permanent appointment with 376,717 readers. The how, why, along with commentary, testimonials, family news, the ups and downs of all West Flemish organizations and clubs, and so much more … all this you read every Friday, exclusively in this local newspaper.


AREF is the French specialist of maintenance and supply of production means. For 40 years AREF has forged a strong reputation thanks to its skills in the maintenance and repair and also its workshop capabilities. For the Ypres event AREF will provide 3 hammers from 25 to 75 kg tup weight.


SAEY is an independent Belgian Steel Service Centre, delivering innovative products and services, including decoiling, sawing and laser cutting. With 120.000 tons of annual sales we operate mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, but increase our exports of specialty products (LASERFORM steel sheets & tube laser cutting up to 610 mm) as far as central Europe. For the Ypres project SAEY will be suppling steel for the 25 panels.


Buyse Joris a Belgian construction company have undertaken the task of casting the segments that make up the concrete mound at the base of the cenotaph and have generously provided all of the materials and equipment necessary to do the work.




TVH is a global supplier with customers in more than 170 countries, and has been split up into 2 business units: TVH Parts and TVH Equipment.
TVH Parts offers parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment all over the world.
TVH Equipment consists of 4 activities: Sales, Rental, Service and Trade. The Sales Division sells both new and second-hand lift trucks and aerial work platforms nationally. With its short- and long-term rental of lift trucks and aerial work platforms, the Rental Division is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and other European countries. The Service Division is only active in Belgium. The Trade Division purchases and sells second-hand machines such as lift trucks and aerial work platforms.


F H Brundle’s wrought iron component range enables metalworkers, blacksmiths, fabricators or anyone involved in the supply of gates, railings or decorative ironwork, to create high quality wrought iron products at low cost.  These products are equally at home in domestic and commercial environments – both inside and out – and have been used in large public buildings such as airports, hotels and exhibition halls.


Pro@Work are providing the resin for securing the poppies on site.



Germond – Complex Metal Machining Equipment are supplying all of the grinding and cutting disks for the event.



Global Suppliers makes and manages metal and plastic mechanical parts or assemblies made to the customers specifications which are in any kind of production way or finish. Our customers are European manufacturers or assembly plants of industrial or consumer goods in all ranges of the business. This is middle to higher volume. In addition, we assist our customers with the design and development of their products to be able to reduce their production costs and realize the forecasted savings. All of this while maintaining quality and initial objectives by means of very advanced quality control and certification (LRQA ISO 9001:2008). And last but not least: we offer free of charge warehousing, pre-financing, annual contracts, safety stocks,… all kinds of customized solutions to be able to offer our customer the best quality and most adapted service he requires at the smallest cost. As many of our productions are located in the Far East, we were – as in our daily business- the bridge between east and west for this Ypres 2016 project. We helped providing a Chinese blacksmith and his art as well as his presence in this beautiful manifestation. Showing that peace and harmony is a global concern and has a joint history and a joint future. No matter what color of the skin or culture you are born in.



Majorlift Hydraulic Equipment is a family owned manufacturing company based just outside Bristol, in the UK and has been in business since 1974. We have an enviable reputation as the market leader in the design & manufacture of hydraulic lifting equipment, primarily used in automotive repair, but now expanding into aerospace and rail applications. Our products are used for safely lifting loads of up to 40 Tonnes, and typical applications include the removal of HVG gearboxes and transmissions and jacking cars, vans & lorries for inspection & servicing.



Vr. Bouwonderneming Govaere nv
Heulsestraat 79
8860 Lendelede
Tel. (051)33 19 60  Fax (051)31 09 51



Air Products is a world-leading Industrial Gases company founded 75 years ago. The company’s core Industrial Gases business provides atmospheric and process gases and related equipment to manufacturing markets, including refining and petrochemical, metals, electronics, food and beverages.  Air Products will supply the required oxygen and acetylene for this project.



Tivoly are sponsoring all of the drill bits for Ypres 2016.



Sitra have been responsible for transporting equipment from the UK to Ypres.


Glenco BVBA – Belgium  (making Poppy stems)

Let’s create Together, Ann De Pooter – Belgium  (making the certificates)

Patrick Van Den Bosch – Belgium (making Poppy stems)


Voka – the Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the most representative employers’ organisation in Flanders. Jonas Plouvier is staff member of Voka and part of his work at Voka is dedicated to this project and his work includes organising the logistics and legal structure.
Ypres will be our hosts for the event providing space for the main opening forging event, a lecture theatre, dining hall and gallery space.
See what you can do in Ypres when you visit the city!

Langemark-Poelkapelle have provided the permanent site for the Poppy cenotaph.

The Belgian Guild of Blacksmiths with their local knowledge are providing valuable assistance in many ways.
British Artist Blacksmith Association will be organising exhibitions to coincide with and feature as part of the event as well as providing assistance in other ways.


What is GoneWest?
The English expression ‘to go west’ refers to dying, but through the Great War, the expression acquired a more explicit meaning. The Allied forces, occupying the Western Front, literally brought their dead and wounded to the west. Moreover, the war also moved from east to west throughout Belgium as a result of the German invasion in 1914. Therefore ‘GoneWest’ was chosen as the name for the artistic commemoration of the Great War in the province of West Flanders which will be starting in the autumn of 2014. Gone West are sponsoring the Ypres 2016 event with an Arts grant.