Tim Mackereth - UK

My piece, entitled “Reflection” is a visual representation of what I see as some of the most fundamental and far-reaching transitions in society that was brought about by the First World War.  For me, WW1 was a major catalyst that set in train a century of social change based on a recognition of the fundamental equality of one human being with another, each with the same rights and the same value.

With this social transition in mind, the piece consists of a group of simple and anonymous forged figures in several different sizes.  With some made from mild steel, some from stainless steel and others from Corten, from bronze and from brass, they reflect the fact that WW1 touched everyone;  all ranks, genders, races and religions, nationalities and ages. The figures are gazing down on rows of gravestones, which are all completely identical, completely equal.  The resulting scene is, therefore, a reflection of the transition from inequality in life to equality in death – and subsequently to equality in life.