Ypres 2016 - Poppy Cenotaph, Ypres, Belgium


In September 2016, a striking new World War 1 Peace Monument was created at the Grote Markt, in front of the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres, Belgium and is now located adjacent to the German War Cemetery at Langemark Poelkapelle.

Standing 7m tall and weighing 12 tonne, the metal Peace Monument for the 21st century features the evocative image of a single Flanders poppy surrounded by a field of 2016 steel poppies handcrafted by blacksmiths and farriers worldwide..

Hundreds of blacksmiths and farriers from around the world came together in Ypres and created the Peace Monument during the week-long event.

The Peace Monument was funded by generous donations and sponsorship by companies and private individuals worldwide.