Charles Normandale - UK

The New War

It is said that the greatest advancements are made during war.

Much of the tragedy of WW1 was the military strategy that had not advanced as quickly as some weapons. An example of this is the number of people killed by machine gun fire without taking any avoiding action.

It was a time of TRANSITION from horse drawn weapons to armoured tanks.

‘The New War’ sculpture tries to capture the feeling of that change and the resulting death on an industrial scale. Standing at 1.5 metres, curved forged Cor-Ten steel plates, layered and riveted, reminiscent of tank construction, form a solid symbolic cross when viewed from the front and back. Viewed from the sides, this internationally recognised symbol of memorial visually deconstructs providing the onlooker with a glimpse through the layers to what lies beyond.

“The now, remembering, learning, altering and moving forward.”