Transition at Ypres 2016

The BABA Exhibition Team is pleased to present Transition, a major international, contemporary, forged metal design touring exhibition, hosted by Kazematten to coincide with the Ypres 2016 .

Many professionals, as well as students and apprentices, in the field of contemporary artistic blacksmithing, metal design and metal art applied in response to an open brief based around themes of Transition surrounding the events of The First World War. This brief was purposely written to encourage a breadth of potential creative responses and outcomes. The applicants considered many variations on the theme, including

  • the role of the blacksmith in transition from war to peace,
  • materials in transition – the re-use and re-purposing of First World War objects,
  • landscape in transition – pre-and post war,
  • human transition – physical/mental and social,
  • community transition – global impact both within the warzone and in communities of origin,
  • and themes of transition through material and process.

A final selection of just thirty five works were chosen by a panel of judges, comprising of:

Professor Heiner Zimmermann

An ambassador of his craft, counted among renowned designers and artists worldwide. Heiner finished his formal training 1991 and since 2009 holds a Professorship in Metal Art at HDK University of Gothenburg in Sweden

Delyth Done

Council member of the British Artist Blacksmith Association, Delyth also leads a team of lecturing staff at Hereford College of Arts. She is the Course Leader for the MA in Contemporary Crafts and BA (Hons) in Artist Blacksmithing.

Elspeth Bennie

Elspeth Bennie is a sculpture graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and St Martins in London. Her practice encompasses work ranging from the day to day staples of the working blacksmith, to collaborative public art projects.

Jokum Lind Jensen

In 2010 Jokum undertook the BA and then the MA degree courses at Steneby in Sweden. Jokum now resides back in Denmark, where he works with a wide range of projects in restoration, contemporary artist blacksmithing, and public art.

Chris Porcarelli

For nine years, between his bachelor’s and master’s degrees Chris worked in many studios with inspiring metal artists and designers, around the western US and Europe. In 2012 he earned an MFA in Arts and Craft with a specialization in metal and public space, from Gothenburg University in Sweden.

Many of the selected artists have strong emotive and cultural connections to the First World War. The evocative works and the diverse artist-makers represented within the exhibition have a truly global breadth, with practitioners originating from Australia, Poland, the UK, Italy, Norway, the US, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

Following Ypres, Transition will be touring various locations within Europe, with the final destination being London in 2018, to coincide with the Armistice centenary celebrations.

Erik Gjendem – Norway

Erik Gjendem – Norway

Nils Hint – Estonia

Nils Hint – Estonia

Joshua Goss – USA

Joshua Goss – USA

Transition Exhibitors include:

  • Achim Kuhn – Germany
  • Fritz Kuhn – Germany
  • Agnieszka Mazur – Poland
  • Alan Dawson -United Kingdom
  • Ambrose Burne– United Kingdom
  • Arran Lang– United Kingdom
  • Benjamin Kjellman-Chapin – Norway
  • Brian Russell – United Kingdom
  • Christian Vaughan Jones – Wales
  • Daniel Moss – United Kingdom
  • Daniel Randall -United States
  • Dick Quinnell – United Kingdom
  • Egor Bavykin – Russia
  • Erik Gjenden – Norway
  • Fred Truus – Estonia
  • Fritz Kuhn – Germany
  • Gabriel Chaille – United States
  • Ivan Snauwaert – Belgium
  • Jeffrey Funk – United States
  • Joshua A. Goss – United States
  • Lesek Sikon – Poland
  • Lucille Scott – United Kingdom
  • Mathieu Pelletier – France
  • Naoto Uda – Japan
  • Nils Hint – Estonia
  • Patrick J. Quinn – United Kingdom
  • Peat Oberon – United Kingdom
  • Peter Smith – United Kingdom
  • Philip Vercammen – Belgium
  • Roberto Giordani – Italy
  • Ryszard Mazur – Poland
  • Sandra Dunn – Canada
  • Steffen Lempp – Germany
  • Steve Phillips – Australia
  • Takayoshi Komine – Japan
  • Tim Mackereth – United Kingdom
  • Tony Ingarfield – United Kingdom
  • Vladimir Sochonevich – Russia
  • Will Maguire – Australia