Achim Kühn

achim-kuhnBorn in 1942 in Berlin
Grandfather: Arthur Kühn (1883-1944), smith and metalworker in Berlin since 1926
Father: Fritz Kühn (1910-1967)  Sculptor. Blacksmith. Photographer. Author and Teacher.  In 1937 he founded, a studio-workshop in Berlin

1956-1964 Apprenticeship as a blacksmith, journeyman years,  Master’s degree in his father’s workshop.

1964-1967 Studied architecture, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, diploma.

1967 Took over the studio-workshop of his father.

Since 1967 an independent metal sculptor, blacksmith, photographer,  book author and restorer.

1971 Member of the Artists’ Union

1972 external audit of the architecture studies, diploma

Since 1980, trained fellows and master students from around the world; Speaker, teacher and demonstrator at international workshops.

1993 Publications:
“Metal design – the tool to form”,  Coleman-Verlag Lübeck
“Drifting of copper and copper alloys” DKI Düsseldorf

1994 CD “Metal sound space,” Musicians play on sound sculptures by Achim Kühn

Since 1967, over 100 works of art in architecture, including:

Seven wells for Berlin;
Sculptures both unique and multiples, mobiles, and landscape art
Facades, street furniture;  Art Concepts; church equipment;
Small: candlesticks, steel bowls;
Gates and portals for government buildings and churches;
Restoration of Cultural Property

Since 2007 he has worked together with his son Tobias
(*1974, studied Design, diploma)
individual and group – exhibitions in Germany, Europe, USA, Asia.

Atelier Achim Kühn,  Richterstr. 6,  G-12524 Berlin
Tel. ++49 (0)30 – 6764261
Fax.   ++49 (0) – 6763681